About Us

PowWow Energy is a leading innovator in the Agriculture & Food sector, bridging the gap between the Ag community and the Tech sector with valuable Software-as-a-Service applications.

Our services turn loads of data into simple answers — directly to growers in the field.

Our software makes data-driven agriculture as easy as sending a text message. Growers find measurable value in our services through increased yield and improved resource efficiency of water, energy, and on-field labor.

Meet Us

Our team is comprised of experts in various disciplines ranging from data science to agronomy. The company was started by serial entrepreneurs who grew up in different farming communities.

Our collective contributions make PowWow Energy unique in our data-driven approach to agriculture, making us prepared to tackle the enormous challenge of producing more food with less water.

Join Us

PowWow Energy is rapidly growing collective and seeking talented individuals with experience in data science, agronomy, irrigation management, and energy efficiency markets. We offer a dynamic team environment with frequent interactions throughout California and the Western United States.

Email us at jobs@powwowenergy.com for more information!

Currently available positions are posted on AngelList.

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PowWow Energy, Inc. has its main office at Hero City in San Mateo. We also have an office in Fresno.

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PowWow Energy, Inc.
55 East 3rd Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401

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