Our Products

PowWow is a software solution founded on supplying “Answers. Not more data”. We use advanced data analytics to solve the most pressing problems growers have in their fields. Our products gather and process data, provide a user friendly interface and simple text messaging to clearly and directly communicate with growers and their team. And we secure and protect all farm data; this is your private data.

No hardware to install

PumpMonitor™ and CropMonitor™ act as a program that will help you to achieve your goals for the year by continuously monitoring your pumps and fields and tracking the results.

PumpMonitor™ turns your smart meter into a flow meter and integrates other existing telemetry stations to provide coverage for SGMA and SB-88 regulatory compliance. Our cost-effective software solution helps you detect early risk of cavitation due to falling water table and other anomalies before it puts your crop at risk.

Together with PumpMonitor™ and existing data on your farm, CropMonitor™ gives full visibility of the operation. Our algorithms crunch all the data for you. You only get text messages or emails when something matters. These are not “dumb alerts” that overwhelm you with data. They are actual insights that you can use on the field to improve profits and make your life easier.