supplies weekly irrigation schedules and regular NDVI field images to monitor field performance. It is ideal for maintaining DU (distribution uniformity) and irrigating across soil types for optimal yield.

Value on day one with field diagnostics

What hardware do I need to install? None. That is the beauty of it. We have access to historical imagery of every farm in California. You can easily share your own farm records to get the full picture.

We import and display data from your existing farm sensors (soil moisture, Evaporation Transpiration (ET), weather station, etc.) and CIMIS ET information.

Choice of irrigation schedule

CropMonitor supports three irrigation schedules: ET, ET with soil moisture monitoring, and partial ET with regulated deficit irrigation. This flexibility allows you to adapt to limited water allocation during droughts or to implement full ET irrigation during wet years. Achieve maximum profit each year, growing more crops while precisely managing resources.

Results that you can see

At the end of the year, you will see the results with your own eyes. Our annual report details energy, water and yield data tracked at the field or ranch level. The endorsements of growers we have worked with are our best references. We work hard to earn their trust—and our success is your success.